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The Salespeople in your organisation are not like any other group in your workplace. 

Salespeople are different; everyday they face, and must overcome, different challenges from the rest of your organisation. The salesperson has an understanding of what is expected of him, he works to deadlines and he knows how he will be measured. 

To succeed, he must hit his numbers while overcoming many challenges.

He must overcome Competition. He must persuade people to purchase from his company. He must stand out from the crowd of competitors who are attempting to persuade customers to buy elsewhere. He must overcome the complacency, satisfaction with the status quo and resistance to change that will result in no sale.

He will face Rejection on almost a daily basis. There is no selling without rejection and sales people will face this as they attempt to develop new business for the company.

He will encounter Hostility from new prospects that view his presence as an unnecessary interruption to their day. He must venture into a marketplace where prospects are time poor and are often rushed, irritated, disinterested or even hostile.

He has to accept a Lack of Control over the sale, even when he does everything correctly. 

In the end the buying decision remains with the prospect.

Think about these challenges, how does that compare with the challenges of an office administrator?

The OA Recruitment Process - How is it Different?

Our sales recruitment process is designed to identify sales people that will succeed in a sales environment specifically and individually defined by our client to describe their situation. Our process ensures that only those sales people with objectively identified skills, strengths, mind set and environment compatibility will be put forward to the client.

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