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“On a personal note, I want to thank you Marion for the friendly and professional manner in which this (recruitment) process has been handled.

Thank you for advice along the way which is much appreciated.”

 James Kirner Christchurch NZ – Successful candidate National Sales Manager position


Ontex Australia

OA Recruitment has restored my faith in outsourcing something you should never outsource – processes affecting the selection of people! In the past 20 years I have had the privilege to recruit across all continents of the globe and across the diverse industries of Accounting, Investment Banking and Healthcare. I have used the ‘biggest’, the ‘most boutique’, the most ‘specialised’ recruiting firms in the world – however none perform as well as OA.

They have the skills sets of the top Executive Recruitment firms – and match it with a thorough and deep concern for your requirements. To attract great people, the recruitment process needs to also be great. It needs to reflect the professionalism of your business and the types you hope to attract. The greatest compliment that I can relay about OA is that of my latest recruit who stated “ I knew from the moment I spoke with OA that the company they were representing was a company I would like to work for.

OA were incredibly respectful, articulate and knew the company inside out. The process was thorough, and fair”.  Nothing beats a service partner that extends your own brand beyond your own limits. OA does that in spades!

Charles Cornish
Managing Director
Ontext Australia Pty Ltd


Campbells Wholesale

I would like to thank you both (Julian & Marion) for an exciting two days, and what I have achieved from this training session is more than what I could have imagined. I am quite impressed with my new skills, which I have you all to thank, I particularly liked the resume topic, where I am now able to view candidates in a different way, and now have the knowledge to get the most out of an interview candidate, I could go on all night talking about my new ability to recruit however thanks again”

Brad Suffolk
State Field Sales Manager NSW / ACT
Campbells Wholesale (Regarding STAR Training)


 “Just wanted to once again thank you for one of the most interesting training sessions I have attended. As I mentioned to you this recruiting process has completely changed my outlook of hiring new staff and now feel 100% confident of getting the right person on board. I felt the way Julian and Marion facilitated the training was fantastic and all the way very engaging .”

Jim Haritonas
Field Sales Manager
VIC Campbells Wholesale (Regarding STAR Training)


Forty Two International

Email Marketing Specialist FortyTwo International chooses Objective Assessment as a catalyst to sales development. FortyTwo International/Campaign-master is Australia's leading email marketing specialist, boasting a client list that includes Coca Cola, NRMA, DHL, Avis and many other prestigious organisations across a broad range of industries. They develop strategies and campaigns using world-class technology, whilst generating maximum return on their marketing investment for clients.

As a growth company very focused on new business, FortyTwo turned to Objective Assessment to assist with sales team development and recruiting, both critical to achieving the company's 12 month objectives. Being an independent authority, Objective Assessment succeeded where internal management had met resistance. The Objective Assessment assistance has become a catalyst to the development of the FortyTwo sales team.


Nucrush Group

For the Nucrush Group to use consultancy services the provider has to be outstanding and that was what we found Objective Assessment to be. We initially engaged the services of Objective Assessment to help us restructure our pre-mixed concrete sales force, using a series of tailored profiling and screening tools. To build on this investment, it made sense to enhance the sales skills of our team with a customised training and development program, which even our sellers with decades of experience found stimulating and beneficial. We went on to use Objective Assessment to provide screening services in the recruitment of a new Sales Manager and then for a critical customer relationship and business development role in our Quarry division. All of these services were co-ordinated by Marion Mather, who understood our unique needs, our management philosophy and our desire to improve. Marion gently helped us to realise that even though we had been running a successful sales force for nearly 40 years, there was a lot more to sourcing, remunerating, motivating and retaining quality sales people that we could be doing. From my point of view as the Human Resources Manager, I particularly appreciated Marion’s wise counsel in these matters as it definitely supported me in educating our managers in maximising the potential of our sales team.

Fiona Petty
Human Resources Manager
Nucrush Group


From Individuals

“I just thought I would slip you a quick feedback on the interview and OA's process. In all I have to say that I am extremely impressed with how your process works and I will be sure to use you in the future for any placements that I may look at. 

Additionally the interview just passed was by far the most fun I have ever had in an interview! I have left the room with a smile and a true understanding of company’s workings - this is the first time that has been the case.

Should I be accepted (or indeed if I don't) for the role, you can be sure that I will certainly be pushing OA to anyone looking to hire."

Darrell Adams – candidate


I enjoyed the recruitment process that Objective Assessment adopted for the role. Particularly impressive from a candidate’s perspective was the very prompt follow-up after each step in the process - often not the case with recruitment firms.

Rod O’Keeffe - candidate



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